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WABEWestern Association of Broadcast Engineers (Canada)
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This makes it popular for sharing school gossip -- but also enables negativity at places like Emory, according to WABE.
6 for each Classic Hits WSRV, Gospel WPZE, News/Talk WABE and Sports WZGC.
Note: News/Talk Stations includes WGST 640 AM, WSB 750 AM, WGKA 920 AM, WAFS 1190 AM, WFOM 1230 AM, WALR 1340 AM, WAOK 1380 AM, WSWK 1690 AM, WABE 90.
14 WABE City of Atlanta Board of Education News/Talk WABE stays 3.
City of Atlanta Board of Ed News/Talk WABE stays 3.
News/Talk/Sports: City of Atlanta Board of Ed N/T WABE 3.
The winning News format comes from City of Atlanta Board of Ed WABE up 3.
In a public response to WABE chairman Louis Sullivan's letter last week chastising GPB's alliance with Georgia State University, Georgia Public Broadcasting chairman Michael H.