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WACKWeb Application Construction Kit
WACKWild and Crazy Kids (Nickelodeon TV show)
WACKWait Acknowledgment
WACKWait Acknowledgement
WACKWindow Application Control Kit (software)
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But two years on she received a letter to her Keats Road home in Normanby from Northumberlandbased wholesale plastering suppliers Wack addressed to Ken, terms "of was cancer.
The senator said that he listed his Wack Wack property in his 2012 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).
De Geus worked with Pierre Wack in Shell's Strategic Planning Group, as did Peter Schwartz.
But we can't help wondering whether the reason Wack decided to live at the airport was because he gave up trying to find his taxi outside the terminal building.
This essay thus attempts to integrate some of the ideas of Peter Schwartz, whose book The Art of the Long View was used at the Naval War College for many years, along with the ideas of Schwartz's mentor, Pierre Wack, and others, with elements and issues of special interest to the student of national security affairs and future force planning.
The kids in the small club-style theatre lapped it up, but I was alienated by a wack folklore vibe--when does club dance lose its authentic edge and start to feel more like a museum display?
Wack get to the top of Kala Pattar, an 18,300-foot mountain in eastern Nepal.
FOR OXYGEN: NEW POETS FROM WALES, editors Amy Wack and Grahame Davies selected sixteen poets who write in English and fifteen who write in Welsh, all under age forty-five at the time of publication.
Wack is responsible for Acrylic Fibers, Viscose Filament (Enka), other textile related businesses (Polyenka, Sympatex, Enka Tecnica), overseas textile participation (joint ventures) and the remaining operating services in Wuppertal and Oberbruch, Germany.
It's designed to give people [help] on what sort of firewalls they ought to be purchasing based on the sort of threats out there on the Internet and based on how much security is good enough for their application," says Wack.
Her bony fist hit any flat surface with a hard wack.
My 12-year-old son is a boarder and he told me that 'it would be totally wack if I excluded snow boarders' and I'm pretty sure I don't want to be wack.