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WACKOWestern Arizona Canoe and Kayak Outfitter
WACKOWashington Alpine Club Kinetic Outing
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FOOTING THE BILL: Professor Wacko has lost shoes that could cost pounds 400 to replace PICTURE: Mark Fraser
A corporate internet connecting every computer and wacko in the company.
And now his foul beak's cleaned up, Wacko learns a new phrase in a couple of weeks.
We exist in as ninny assorted, remarkable, dreary, wacko, and exhilarating subcultures as straight people.
Strange Jackson got his Wacko tag as a result of his strange behaviour.
But sometimes wacko ideas can betray deeper truths," pointed out Benjamin Wallace-Wells in the April Washington Monthly.
Caerphilly artist Geraint Hoskins has used oils to reproduce photographs of Wacko through the ages from his first nose job to his court appearance.
Wacko Jacko, pictured, suddenly seems to be more Psycho Jacko.
Well, maybe not an expert, but at least you'll know you're not the only one dealing with all this wacko stuff.
The wacko one claims he has set up his new charity, to be called Heal the Kids, because he missed out on a normal childhood himself.
Danny Keough, the first husband of Elvis Presley's daughter, is worried over their two kids coming into contact with Wacko Jacko.