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WACKOSWings Across Carolina Kiting and Okra Society (kite club; Charlotte, NC)
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All kinds of weirdos, wackos, whatever, were involved with us," he confides.
In the realm of decline and fall, there is no more lurid tub-thumper than the Reverend Pat Robertson, who, in The New World Order, as Lind revealed, had cribbed from anti-Semitic wackos the argument that a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy has been rigging the course of American history for two centuries.
Now you can also fear (and with perfectly good reason, too): biological weapons and nerve gas in the subways, terrorist bombings in your office building, the AIDS virus the Ebola virus the flesh-eating streptococcus bacilli and a host of other retroviruses emerging from the rapidly deforested jungles of the world, coteries of right-wing wackos running shadow governments within the actual government, elected officials in the pocket of who knows what corporate interests, a worthless dollar backed up by nothing but faith and free-falling into oblivion.
Kika An optimistic cosmetologist (above) fights off assorted wackos to find true love.
These brilliant wackos had their recording career summarized a mere three years ago with single-disc hits package ``Time Capsule.
Sedaris's second collection of stories is a hilarious heap of autobiography that recounts a gay childhood governed by a crabby, whiskey-soaked mother, followed by an adult life plagued with trailer trash and born-again wackos.