WACPWorld Association of Cultural Psychiatry
WACPWest African College of Physicians (Lagos, Nigeria)
WACPWorld Association of Croatian Physicians
WACPWide Area Calling Plan (telecommunications)
WACPWe are Creative People (internet TV)
WACPWeb Application Control Panel
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By comparing satellite mosaics collected in the mid-1970s with those from the early 2000s, we determined that only 50 of the -7400 extant lakes on the WACP drained over the ~25-year period; this result suggests landscape stability (Hinkel et al.
Until recently, our research on the lake processes of the WACP has relied on remote sensing technology, GIS analysis, extensive field sampling programs, and radiocarbon dating of organic sediments in DLBs (Hinkel et al.
The Douglas Machine Model WACP maximizes packaging production of DVDs, packing four DVDs per case at 30 cases per minute.