WACRAWorld Association for Case Method Research & Application (est. 1984; Needham, MA)
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Gulf Air's customer care efforts in this regard have delivered significant positive results over the past year and it is a pleasure and honour to share our experience with WACRA members.
Kavita Al Jassim, the WACRA Board of Directors consists of Dan Thompson from United Airlines, Douglas Stolls from Virgin America, Heidi Gould from Delta Air Lines, Mostafa Karam from Emirates, Neville Gillett from Air New Zealand, Prote Setsuwan from Bangkok Airways and Sami Maenpaa from Finnair.
There were more than 80 representatives in this recent WACRA conference, while several of them were passionately engaged in quite a few sessions on talking about issues that covered 'Today's App is Tomorrow's Virtual Concierge' to 'Using Appreciative Inquiry to Define our Branded Culture.
The longevity of WACRA is a reflection of its respected place in the airline world"I believe that when Etihad customers present themselves at our check-in counter, the clock starts.
As the chairperson of WACRA and a representative of Gulf Air, it was a great opportunity for me to project Bahrain and its national carrier at the forum, sharing our six decades of experience in the business,' said Jassim.
As WACRA chairperson and as a representative of Gulf Air, it was a great opportunity for me to showcase Bahrain's national carrier at the summit, sharing our experience in the business and developing a greater understanding of how we, as customer relation professionals, should operate and interpret current EU regulations," Ms Jassim added.
For the 20th WACRA conference on 26-28 June 2008, R.
Ms Al Jassim, who was the first woman and Bahraini ever to be appointed to the high-profile position, was formally reappointed at the annual WACRA conference held in Malaysia.
The conference, organised by Marcus Evans in Bahrain, saw participation from customer care stalwarts such as Abu Dhabi Commercial bank's Nilanjan Ray, Dubai Creek Sheraton Hotel GM Heinz Grub, the head of Customer Care and Service Monitoring in Gulf Air, Kavita S Al Jassim who is also the chairwoman 2010 of WACRA (World Airline Customer Relation Association) and others.
Presented at the 14th International Conference of WACRA, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, September.
The four-day event was held under the chair of Gulf Air senior manager customer care and service quality control Kavita Sharma Jassim, who is the chairperson of WACRA.