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WACSWorld Association of Chefs' Societies
WACSWhite Alice Communications System
WACSWorld Association of Cooks Societies
WACSWireless Access Communication System(s)
WACSWeb Application Container Service
WACSWire and Cable Services
WACSWausau Area Catholic Schools (Wisconsin)
WACSWorkload Analysis by Customer Segment
WACSWork Authorization Control Systems (US DoE)
WACSWeak Absolute Consistent System
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With our advanced technology, Huawei Marine has achieved 100G ultra-long haul transmission and offered the WACS consortium a cost-effective solution that substantially increases and enhances network connectivity, operational efficiency and the end-user experience in these growth regions," said Mike Constable, CEO of Huawei Marine Networks.
Rufo Colayco, MCWMC president and chief executive officer, said a copy of the WACS report was emailed to Yap at 4 p.
The WACS transports the majority of Internet traffic for Namibia, Botswana and Zambia and is considered of national importance.
The DA program of the WACS has added over 300 middle-level trained anaesthetists to the overstretched anaesthetic manpower base in anglophone West Africa in the past two decades.
WACS will continue to promote this initiative to its 10 million members with a global campaign, seminars and events.
WACS provides direct connectivity between Namibia, West Africa, United Kingdom and Portugal.
The WACS study was the first large trial to test the effects of vitamin C taken by itself, says lead researcher JoAnn Manson, chief of preventive medicine at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.
In the tent designated for my panel, I joined my fellow panelist, an African American woman who had served with the WACS (Women's Army Corps) in World War II, and who would speak about her personal experiences in a racially segregated army.
ACF has been a member since the inception of the American federation in 1929, and last led WACS from 1992 to 1996.
They were the first female enlistees not to be part of a women's service auxiliary, like the WACS.
Yet the Scottish society has been granted full membership of WACS and is allowed to enter all its international competitions.
This unit is divided into 11 sections: (1) "Introduction"; (2) "Lesson 1: Political Cartoons" (nine primary source documents); (3) "Lesson 2: Production and Propaganda" (three primary source documents); (4) "Lesson 3: WACS Women in the War" (eight primary source documents); (5) "Lesson 4: Needs of a Soldier" (two primary source documents); (6) "Lesson 5: German Prisoners in Alabama" (five primary source documents); (7) "Lesson 6: Home Front 'Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do or Do Without