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WAGPWest African Gas Pipeline
WAGPWestern Australian General Practice Network
WAGPWe Are God's People
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The kick-off meeting was held in Abuja with experts from Penspen and a team of Ecowas headed by Bayaornibe Dabire, director of Energy, Ecowas Commission who quoted in his opening remarks the importance of WAGP and the need for its extension as an opportunity to meet energy demand in the region.
2000), Report of the Review of the Western Australian Workers Compensation System, Perth, WAGP.
The WAGP will run 1,033 km offshore and onshore from Nigeria's Niger Delta to its terminus in Ghana, with the length of the export line being 678-km.
A 57-km onshore part of the WAGP will run from Alagbado to Seme beach in Lagos State.
Chief Executive Officer of the WAGP, Walter Perez, however linked the provision rise to the fact that Nigerian gas division has easily got some peace, with no pipeline destruction in the last some months.
Gas will be collected at Escravos and then piped to Alagbado, which lies to the northwest of Lagos, before entering the WAGP.
The 20-year deal allows for the creation of a legal framework, the formation of a single WAGP authority in oversee the development of the project and the harmonisation of regulations across the four countries.
Gas from this floating storage unit will be delivered via local infrastructure and the WAGP to Cogaz's customers, which will include power facilities and other key industrial consumers in the region.
The WAGP will traverse 620 miles both on and offshore from Nigeria's Niger Delta region to its final planned terminus in Ghana.