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Yet most of her writings about Darfur and especially the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM)-Abdul Wahid are controversial.
In October 1999, Wahid, who was also the founder of National Awakening Party, replaced Bachruddin Jusuf Habibie, who as vice president in 1998 was appointed to succeed Suharto.
Later, police fired warning shots and a teargas canister as thousands of Wahid supporters broke into the grounds of the Jakarta parliament as it met for a session almost certain to call for an impeachment hearing against Wahid.
Rais, who leads a coalition of Islamic-based parties called the Central Axis, helped Wahid rise to the power in October 1999, but is now leading the movement to have Vice President Megawati Sukarnoputri, Wahid's constitutional successor, take over power.
Before the elections Wahid was allied with Rais, former chairman of the second-largest Muslim group and one of the most articulate voices calling for democracy, in the latter's "Axis Force".
Wahid could be impeached by the People's Consultative Assembly when it meets in August, given criticism over his sacking of two ministers and the central bank governor as well as brewing scandals over corruption and cronyism around him, Wanandi said.
President Wahid was visiting Brussels to promote foreign investment in Indonesia and to lobby for greater cooperation between Indonesian and foreign companies.
Wahid was ousted from power in 2001 due to incompetence and was replaced by Megawati Sukarnoputri, who was then his deputy.
Susilo's strongly worded comments, which appeared to be directed at both Wahid and his opponents, reflected a growing frustration with an erratic president within his cabinet and could suggest that some of his allies were preparing to desert him.
Wahid expressed his thanks that, contrary to widespread expectations, there was no outbreak of violence linked to the house's adoption of the censure motion at a plenary session Monday.
Susilo did not single out Wahid or call for him to quit.
Admired for his culture, Wahid is revered among the uneducated masses for exotic qualities.