WAIAWide Awake in America
WAIAThe Western Australian Internet Association Inc (Perth, Western Australia)
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After a series of discussions, the WAIA and IAB agreed that creating globally-accepted wireless advertising standards and best practices could occur more quickly, be in the best interest of the consumer, and be more successful, through their combined efforts.
This decision reflects the WAIA's and IAB's commitment to do what's best for the industry," said Tim DePriest, Director of Strategy & AdForce EveryWhere at AdForce and interim President of the WAIA.
Companies that have already submitted membership requests to either the WAIA or the IAB need not apply again.
The WAIA is focused on uniting leading companies involved in wireless advertising as well as to discuss and resolve important issues in the evolution of advertising in this medium.
The formation of the WAIA brings together competitors and partners in the first collaborative effort to address technical, business, creative and measurement issues facing the industry and begin the process of standards development.
The WAIA is the first organization designed to take a holistic view of the issues facing the wireless advertising industry.
For information about the WAIA membership process, please send an email to waia@adforce.