WAJAWest African Journalists Association
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Some in attendance called it a "renaissance," a welcome reversal from the past, when the West African Journalists Association, known as WAJA, was mainly a male club.
52 305m Stadium Bookmakers Sprint Trophy Heat 1 1 Wajas Trump (P C White, Notts) 2 Ballymac Little (R Devenish, Pbrgh) 3 Southern Henri (m) (C R Lister, Unatt) 4 Riverside Breda (m) (R Devenish, Pbrgh) 5 Tiermana Power (m) (C R Lister, Unatt) 6 Shakeitup Tricky (w) (R Holt, Donc) 21.
42 (435m): Meabh Fancy, Slip Katie, Glass Ofguinness, Wajas Patch, Sunoak Lark (W), Freddiefasttrack (W).
22 over 680m, but Chris Allsopp's Wajas Way can confirm last week's supremacy over his Sidaz Bandit in the non-SIS finale over 305m at 10.
18 (435m): Run On Phillip, Scala Lee, Burnpark Jane, Vals Memorie, Wajas Patch, Ballymac Patrice.
Paul White's Wajas Trump completed a four-timer in the 305m sprint open.