WALPWashington Association of Landscape Professionals (Edmonds, WA)
WALPWorld Accredited Lead Practitioner (World Certification Institute)
WALPWomen at Amsterdam Leather Pride (Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands)
WALPWisconsin Association for Legal Professionals (est. 1967)
WALPWestern Arctic Leadership Program (Fort Smith, Northern Territory, Canada)
WALPWorship, Art, Liturgy and Preaching
WALPWorld Association of Law Professors
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WALP successfully launched its economic and legal assessments and research in this ancient, historical global region in order to help West African countries develop strong economies and legal systems that will, ultimately, improve the lives of all West African residents and fuel additional development throughout the entire continent of Africa.
Our plans have always included developing and nurturing relationships with Central and Eastern European companies that are interested in becoming involved in extended endeavors intended to improve legal and economic affairs in the region of West Africa," the WALP spokesperson said.
The global cooperative efforts of WALP and its partner companies will benefit a number of West African countries that are ripe for economic growth and legal expansion.