WANEPWest Africa Network for Peacebuilding
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Members of the NERG will work closely with WANEP, the Integrated Election Security Planning Committee under the ONS, Provincial and District Election Security Committees - PROSEC and DISEC with an extensive network of civil society organizations and with 60 community monitors across the country to identify potential risks of electoral violence.
In 2010, WANEP published its first reports, and, as of August 2010, "Daily Highlights Reports" are available for the period March to 8 May.
With well-attended public launches in Burkina Faso and Cte dIvoire in May, WANEP is well underway in preparing for the 2015 presidential elections in both countries.
One of her first tasks at WANEP is to assist with a three-week peacebuilding training program for West African nationals.