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WANOWorld Association of Nuclear Operators
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The UAE's peaceful nuclear energy program is based on the best practices and cumulative experience of the global nuclear energy industry and since its inception has been guided by an extensive network of international organizations, including some of the world's most renowned experts in nuclear energy from WANO," commented Al Hammadi.
WANO followed the earlier establishment by the nuclear industry in the United States of the Institute for Nuclear Power Operations ("INPO") after the Three Mile Island accident in 1979.
WANO Chairman Mr Laurent Stricker said the association's thoughts are with the people of Japan, including WANO members and personnel, after the country experienced two of its worst natural disasters in living memory.
The WANO team includes five experts, who participated in the 2009 audit.
WANO was organized to improve safety at nuclear power plants throughout the world in response to the 1986 Chernobyl accident.
WNA strongly supports WANO, and works jointly with WANO to sponsor activities of the World Nuclear University.
A November 1999 inspection by WANO and a variety of internationally recognized nuclear experts concluded that the plant had its faults, but was in working order and posed no immediate danger.
Investigations into WANO - the White Aryan National Organisation - which claimed to be sending the racist letters drew a blank.
Three days later Miss Hansen received a chilling note from a previously unheard of group calling itself WANO - said to stand for White Aryan Nazi Organisation.
The attack has been linked to an obscure racist group called WANO - White Aryan Nazi Organisation.
The notes were signed WANO, which is believed to stand for White Aryan Nazi Organisation.