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Ward gave him a quick, penetrating look, hesitated, then made up his mind.
James Ward wonderingly, until that gentleman broke his train of inchoate thought.
Also, there is too much Ward Valley out to suit our present plans.
Not only will you bull Ward Valley, but you will at the same time gather Ward Valley in.
If you were in the small ward a nurse would wash you, and I can do it just as well as a nurse.
Miss Wilson did not tell me that she ordered you to come," said Miss Ward.
This stern measure Cedric had adopted, in hopes that, during Wilfred's absence, Rowena might relinquish her preference, but in this hope he was disappointed; a disappointment which might be attributed in part to the mode in which his ward had been educated.
You would then have been my ward until you were of age.
As he noted the vicious, wolflike temper of his comrades he had a sweet thought that if the enemy was about to swallow the regimental broom as a large prisoner, it could at least have the consolation of going down with bristles for- ward.
But if you'll step into the officers' wards you'll see for yourself," he added, turning to Rostov.
Fair wards of court have faded into mothers and grandmothers; a long procession of Chancellors has come in and gone out; the legion of bills in the suit have been transformed into mere bills of mortality; there are not three Jarndyces left upon the earth perhaps since old Tom Jarndyce in despair blew his brains out at a coffee-house in Chancery Lane; but Jarndyce and Jarndyce still drags its dreary length before the court, perennially hopeless.
Then he showed them the wards one after another, the storeroom, the linen room, then the heating stove of a new pattern, then the trolleys, which would make no noise as they carried everything needed along the corridors, and many other things.