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WARNWarning (Alcatel)
WARNWorker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of 1988
WARNWater & Wastewater Agency Response Network (various locations)
WARNWomen of All Red Nations
WARNWal-Mart Alliance for Reform Now
WARNWide Area Reference Network (GPS)
WARNWebroot Automated Research Network (anti-spyware collection group)
WARNWarning, Alert and Response Network Act of 2006
WARNWide Area Rapid Notification (emergency information dissemination)
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Speak out--and I warn you before you begin, that I don't believe a word of it.
It was rumored that her elaborately curled "front piece" had cost five dollars, and that it was sent into Portland twice a year to be dressed and frizzed; but it is extremely difficult to discover the precise facts in such cases, and a conscientious historian always prefers to warn a too credulous reader against imbibing as gospel truth something that might be the basest perversion of it.
I warn him that, in such an event, a spirit will go forth in their midst, more to be dreaded than the most appalling earthquake.
My dear children," pursued the black marble clergyman, with pathos, "this is a sad, a melancholy occasion; for it becomes my duty to warn you, that this girl, who might be one of God's own lambs, is a little castaway: not a member of the true flock, but evidently an interloper and an alien.
I warn you to refrain from provoking me, or I'll ask your abduction as a special favour
There was no need to warn them: they were only the laborers who had worked on the dead man's property, and here and there some women and children from the village.
When, recently, a gas main broke in Brooklyn, sixty girls were at once called to the centrals in that part of the city to warn the ten thousand families who had been placed in danger.
When you had betrayed your friend God began not to strike, but to warn you.
Stay here, if you like, but I warn you 'twill be rather too warm presently.
His wife had some inkling of his plans; but she had such a fear of her husband--a fear founded upon brutal ill-treatment--that she dare not write to warn the man whom she knew to be in danger.
A hundred yards to my right was the gate from which the troops were evidently expected to issue, but to reach it I must pass the flank of the green warriors within easy sight of them, and, fearing that my plan to warn the Kaolians might thus be thwarted, I decided upon hastening toward the left, where another gate a mile away would give me ingress to the city.
Hit's comin', sir; hit's comin' but I'm not a-sayin' wen, an' I've said too damned much now, but ye was a good sort t'other day an' I thought it no more'n right to warn ye.