WARNOWarning Order
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A WARNO informs recipients of tasks they must do now or notifies them of possible future tasks.
For any operation, regardless of size or scope, the appropriate echelon would conduct the TLPs or the MDMP to standard and issue an operation order, preceded by necessary WARNOs.
As a start, a company WARNO should not contain more than the mission statement, timeline, and time and location of OPORD brief.
Product-Focused Planning Matrix Receive Issue Mission WARNO #1 CDR * Analyze mission.
Table 1--Sample checklist PL/PSS TC: Develop plan (10 minutes) PCI commo, ensure freqs loaded (5 min) --movement techniques Review map, prepare to copy plan (3 min) --weapon mixture Prep NVGs (2 min) --fire support, C2 frequencies PCI commo, ensure freqs loaded (5 min) --minefield locations --enemy activity in vicinity GUNNER: DRIVER: Prep weapon system (7 min) Check oil/fuel levels (3 min) PCI ammo (3 min) Tighten load plan (5 min) Prep NVGs (2 min) ALL: Disseminate plan (WARNO + :11 thru WARNO +15) via FM or face to face.
Provides input to engineer plans, WARNOs, OPORDs, FRAGOs, movement orders, and deployment orders; advises the brigade engineer on all environmental issues.
This allows us to write WARNOs, FRAGOs, and OPORDS without being wedded to a computer or a copy machine.