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WARPWeather and Radar Processor (FAA weather program)
WARPWeather And Radar Processor (FAA)
WARPWindows Advanced Rasterization Platform (Microsoft)
WARPWe Are Reasonable People (record company)
WARPWeb-Based Access and Retrieval Portal (US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
WARPWind Amplified Rotor Platform
WARPWavelength Routing Protocol (Monterey Networks)
WARPWeb Assured Response Protocol
WARPWireless Augmented Reality Prototype
WARPWeak Axiom of Revealed Preferences (Samuelson economics)
WARPWideband Advanced Recorder Processor
WARPWimp Argon Programme
WARPWest Asia Regional Program
WARPWing Air Refueling Pod
WARPWeb Access-Ready Protocol
WARPWide Angle Reflection Profiling
WARPWeight Associate Rule Processor
WARPWorldwide Alt-Route Plan (DCA)
WARPWorld-wide Aeronautical Route Planner
WARPWidely Adaptive and Responsive
WARPWisconsin Association of Railroad Passengers
WARPWeb Air Request Processor
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Staubli offers the comprehensive UNI-LINK system consisting of universally applicable components for further process optimization between the warp beam storage and the weaving department.
If the warp develops after the lumber is shipped, the boards may be rejected or sold at a discount.
These checks are critical for uniform tension, heat transfer, and bond necessary to minimize incidents of loose edge bond and twist warp.
Recent pictures of debris disks around 10 or so nearby stars show gaps, arcs, rings, warps, clumps, and bright patches.
Once Warp is a reality for most of my commercial lines, I'll fill out one electronic application and send it over the Internet to the companies that I'm contracted with that are Warp-enabled," Anderson said.
In principle, it's possible to create a warp drive," says Bormanis.
The warp threads form a continuous band that slides around the loom as the weaving progresses.
OS/2 Warp is just as effective an operating system as earlier OS/2 versions, but IBM faces a big challenge in marketing it effectively.
Packages for the 4Home Productions titles for OS/2 Warp will remain the same, with the addition of an OS/2 Warp compatible sticker on the front of the box, according to Meredith Mansfield, a spokesperson for the company.
While there are only minor changes in mechanical properties, as reported by others(6), there is a very large reduction in warp using bilobe vs.
Warp United was founded by Kilo LIANG and Dongdong ZHENG in April 2013.
The size of the warp indicates that the planet has a mass between one-twentieth and 20 times that of Jupiter.