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WASEWipro Academy of Software Excellence
WASEWorld Association for Supported Employment (Willemstad, Netherlands)
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449-454, 2008 para o joá-bravo e para o grupo de híbridos que englobou 'Chikuyo', 'Minikuro Kowishiki', 'Milaneza F1', 'Redonda Wase Oomaru', 'Kumamoto Naganassu', 'Shoya Longa', 'Kokuyo' e 'Kokushi Oonaga'.
Ringier Pacific Shanghai Representative Office Bruno Wase Bailey 4C-D Wan Zhong Building 1303 Yan An Road West, Shanghai 200050 China Phone: 86-21-6210-7574 Fax: 86-21-6213-1142 bruno@ringier.
Abdul Wase reported at the annual meeting of the Heart Rhythm Society.
The Waste Management System provides total visibility across the production facility, enabling customers to determine which machines are generating the most wase, or to focus on staff training issues and other areas for improvement.
Nevertheless, once it became clear that CAP wase gaining support, the leadership of the Party moved heaven and earth to defeat us.
His U-Don Jadu (1929) describes a fictional utopian state (Mnadi) of the Bantus, and U-Mqhayi wase ntabozuko (1939; "Mqhayi of the Mountains of Beauty") is his autobiography.
Linda Wase succeeds Mason in the scientific affairs and medical director posts.
HH the Emir received the credentials of HE Ambassador of the Republic of Nigeria Dr Haruna Bawa Abdullahi Wase, HE Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador Ivonne Juez A.
Tenders are invited for Dharmavaram municipality residential areea solid wase handling, Treet sweeping, Litter collection, Drains cleaning and related sanitation activities for a period of 3 years on "buy/hire own and operate" (boo) basis pckage 1