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WASPWhite Anglo-Saxon Protestant
WASPWeb Standards Project
WASPWeb Analytics Solution Profiler/Debugger (Mozilla Firefox)
WASPWiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein
WASPWeblink Application Service Provider
WASPWeb Analytics Solution Profiler
WASPWave Sculpting Audio Plug-Ins
WASPWindows Advanced Server Package
WASPWrite All Stored Passwords (software)
WASPWireless Application Service Provider
WASPWe Ain't Sure, Pal (band backronym)
WASPWorkshop on Application Specific Processors
WASPWide Area Search for Planets (UK universities project)
WASPWomen's Air Force Service Pilots
WASPWater Quality Analysis Simulation Program
WASPWashington State Patrol
WASPWorld Aquanaut Security Patrol
WASPWoody Allen Summer Project (film)
WASPWinning and Score Predictor (cricket)
WASPWe Are Sexual Perverts (band)
WASPWind Atlas Analysis and Application Program (PC program for vertical and horizontal extrapolation of wind distributions)
WASPWilliams Aerial Systems Platform
WASPWeb Application Security Project
WASPWeb Applications and Services Platform (WSDL, XML)
WASPWorld Association for Social Psychiatry
WASPWorking Group on Answer Set Programming
WASPWorld Association of Societies of Pathology
WASPWorkplace Analysis Scheme for Proficiency (UK)
WASPWhistler Adaptive Sports Program (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
WASPWe Are Satan's People (AC/DC)
WASPWildfire Airborne Sensor Program
WASPWar Air Service Program
WASPWien Automatic System Planning Package
WASPWater and Steam Properties
WASPWeasel Attack Signal Processor
WASPWings Aerospace Science Program (Denver, CO)
WASPWeb Agent Support Program
WASPWeighted Anomaly Standardized Precipitation
WASPWeb Archiving Strategy Project (University of Melbourne, Australia)
WASPWe Are Sexy Pagans
WASPWhite Anglo Saxon Pagan :-)
WASPWhat A Strange Person
WASPWide-Body Airborne Sensor Platform
WASPWafer-Scale Associative String Processor
WASPWideband Acoustic Signal Processing
WASPWeb Advertising and Special Promotions
WASPWaste Accountability, Shipping, Packaging
WASPWide Area Situation Picture
WASPWestern Academic and Specialist Press (UK)
WASPWide Angle Stinger Pointer
WASPWide Area Saturation Projectile (gaming, Red Faction Ii Weapon)
WASPWork Action Safety Plan (construction sites)
WASPWashington Area Switch Procurement
WASPWrap Around Simulation Program
WASPWide-Area Special Projectile (USAF)
WASPWelcome, Acquiring Information, Supplying Information, Parting (interview structure)
WASPWait, Ask, Sniff, Pet (mnemonic for how to approach a dog safely)
WASPWideband Analog Signal Processor
WASPWing Articulating Surveillance Platform
WASPWhite Ashkenazi Sabra Paratrooper (Israel)
WASPWar Additive Support Package
WASPWest African Stabilization Program
WASPWinchester After School Program (Winchester, Ma)
WASPWater and Sediment Protection
WASPWalta Array Simulation Package
WASPWireless Airport Surveillance Platform (TTI Wireless)
WASPWorship of the Ancient Seventh Planet (Canadian Religious Cult)
WASPWeb Application for Submitting Proposals
WASPWideband Autocorellating Spectrometer
WASPWe Are Shilla Players (gaming clan)
WASPWashington Association of Supernatural Phenomenon
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It takes an awful lot of wasp collecting to amass enough of the insects.
But in the case of these wasps, the queen's personality might influence behaviors of her offspring in a survival situation.
The oriental wasp abundance was monitored regularly every week during the activity period in all sites until wasps presented in great numbers which was an important indicator to start the experiments.
Hosting a wasp or hornet colony is really simple; all they need is some shelter, water and building material.
A study has shown that 8kg of prey, per hectare, is taken by the yellow jacket wasp each season.
The main page of the eWasp mobile app displays a map of reported and untreated European wasp nests on public land so users can see if European wasps have been spotted in a particular area.
The original Wasp engine was designed to meet a Navy requirement for a powerful, light weight, 400 horsepower engine for planes that would equip its then recently-launched aircraft carriers, USS.
It's bad enough when these wasps partake in the occasional tipple after work but when they are laid off by the queen wasp who no longer needs them, they go on benders, spending all day getting tanked up on fermented fruit.
Late summer and early autumn is the peak season for wasps as their colonies build in numbers, but the first frosts in October or November will see wasp numbers reduce.
Myths on how get rid of wasp nests include bagging it and throwing the nest away, setting it on fire and blasting it with water.
8220;Our mobile computers address many SMB needs but we wanted to provide our customers with a solution to address their needs surrounding existing inventory,” said Brian Sutter, director of marketing at Wasp Barcode Technologies.
It is normally best to attempt this in the early morning or late evening when the wasps are in the nest.