WASPAWireless Application Service Providers Association (South Africa)
WASPAWastewater Agriculture and Sanitation for Poverty Alleviation (International Water and Sanitation Centre; The Hague, Netherlands)
WASPAWakayama Automobile Service Promotion Association (Japan)
WASPAWisconsin Association of School Personnel Administrators (Franklin, WI)
WASPAWest Australian Solid Plastering Association (est. 1996)
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2013) applied Stepwise Weight Assessment Ratio Analysis (SWARA) and WASPAS methods for evaluating shopping mall sites in Tehran.
Finally, WASPAS method for ranking alternatives has been used.
weighted and normalized values for the summarized part of WASPAS method:
weighted and normalized values for the multiplication part of WASPAS method:
11) in WASPAS depend on variances of WSM and WPA (Eq.
19) should be calculated for every alternative before applying WASPAS (Eq.
Applications of waspas method as a multi-criteria decision-making tool.
Multi-criteria evaluation of green suppliers using an extended WASPAS method with interval type-2 fuzzy sets.
Ranking alternatives by applying COPRAS, TOPSIS and WASPAS methods (Eqns (5)-(23)) is presented in Tables 7-9.
According to calculation results applying COPRAS, TOPSIS and WASPAS methods, the alternatives are ranked as [a.
The joint criterion of optimality called WASPAS is based on two well-known criteria of optimality
Accordingly, methodology for optimisation of weighted aggregated function was proposed and the WASPAS method for ranking of alternatives was presented (Zavadskas et al.