WASRWorkshop on Applied Software Reliability
WASRWharton Alliance for Social Responsibility (est. 2005; University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
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Then again, the WASR is not the type of gun you lay on your lap and gently stroke like a family pet.
With a smile on my face, I put away the WASR and Tantal, and with that, I was done.
The WASR 22 utilizes a simple and ingenious blow-back action.
Century supplies two magazines with each WASR 22, and I would order two more just in case.
The two-stage WASR trigger was a joy to use, measuring a crisp 3 pounds, 1 ounce on my Lyman electronic trigger scale.
The WASR came preserved in a light, Vaseline-type grease and oil.
Also, being a semi-auto rimfire, the WASR 22 will accumulate unburned powder, lubricants and carbon in the receiver so keep it clean and well lubricated.
It would be natural to select a Russian sight for a Russian gun, and most of them have a side mount that fits the WASR like a glove.
So, with the sight mounted in place, I still needed to improve the handling of the WASR rifle.
I was going to add one more thing to my test WASR rifle--a muzzle brake.
The WASR had an AKARS top cover rail installed with a Vortex Strikefire Red Dot Scope on the low mount, Krebs' M16A2 muzzle attachment and the Savvy Sniper Quad Sling attached to Midwest Industries' MI Single Point-Sling Adaptor.
I finished my WASR setup with a Krebs M16A2 Type muzzle brake/flash hider, making my total investment as follows: