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WATCWichita Area Technical College (Wichita, KS)
WATCWeekend All Things Considered (National Public Radio program; est. 1977)
WATCWestern Australian Tourism Commission (Minister for State Development and Tourism)
WATCWetland Advisory and Training Centre
WATCWe Are the Champions (song by Queen)
WATCWashington Terminal Company
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Funding will take into account a local government s financial sustainability, which was assessed by the WATC as part of the Local Government Advisory Board s inquiries this year.
The WATC MOP personnel saw thousands of people in many villages, but as the end of the trip neared, Williams still had the prescription sunglasses his daughter had given him.
The WATC 2000 deployment was the final phase of WATC 1999.
Jo Keyser, President of the WATC, said, "This tentative agreement is being unanimously recommended by the WATC bargaining committee and the WATC Executive Board.
The WATC/NexLearn program will be the first formalized pharmacy technician certification program available to technicians throughout the state of Kansas," said Mary Anderson, WATC Director of Health and Human Services.
Several premier corporations will be participating including MCI WorldCom, CVS Pharmacy, Right Choice Staffing, Wachovia Bank, ProStar Security, ABC Sign Source, TrueLite Global, Accounting Solutions, The Employment Guide, WATC TV-57, AccuStaff/Randstad, Piccadilly Cafeterias, Bank of America, BellSouth Mobility, Frito Lay, Staffing Solutions, Talbots, and more TBA.
According to WATC co-founder and Director Christopher Holtby, "Hiring Alan has already set off shockwaves in the administrative trust community, as this move will be a game changer in our firm, in the administrative trust marketplace, and in the financial planning community as well.
WATC WA H out Nick Clegg - high-pro le Midland Labour politician Tom Watson is out to get you.
Cape crusade WATC ATC A H out Alexa, and move over Kate Moss, ate Moss, there's a new style icon in town - and her name is Little Red Riding Hood.
Mane too played at the WATC and shot a superb 14- under aggregate score.
Before that she had a 25-year career in finance and banking in the city and there are now 10,000 members of WATC.
WATC A HING Town is not only a great experience but it's also excellent value for money, a new survey has revealed.