WAVOWorld Association of Valuation Organisations (Singapore)
WAVOAssociation of Women Against Violence
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WAVO recently made a presentation to the International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC) to clarify and align the respective roles of the two organizations.
The members of WAVO, who were able to appreciate the convergence of the cultures represented at the conference, are determined to speedily define and adopt the best international practices, in the interest of their members, clientele and the communities that use their services.
We're pleased that WAVO has expanded MediaXpress to support Unix, enabling us to use their superior XML capabilities to add real-time, relevant news and information on our Website," said John Lehman, president of Sageware and a participant in the Unix field trial.
Other actions taken at the WAVO board meeting included inviting the IVSC to join WAVO as an observer and the acceptance of representatives from Romania and Hong Kong as the newest board members.
This deal opens up 90 percent of the corporate marketplace for MediaXpress," said Michael Coffin, WAVO president and chief executive officer.
NOTE: Certain of the above statements regarding WAVO constitute forward-looking statements, which may involve risks and uncertainties.
com, a unique partnership between WAVO and Virgin Entertainment Group, plans to leverage Reliacast's technology to enhance the array of services available to music fans worldwide.
WAVO Corporation will integrate the Supertracks Music System, a digital rights management and clearinghouse services for online resellers and retailers such as Virgin JamCast.
WAVO Corporation (Nasdaq: WAVO), a leading Internet media delivery company, today reported operating results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2000.
CONTACT: Cathy Planchard of WAVO Corporation, 602-522-7783,