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WAWAWater Authority of Western Australia
WAWAWest Africa Wins Again
WAWAWomen's Association for Women's Alternatives
WAWAWe Are Wide Awake (Clermont, Florida)
WAWAWatershed Awareness to Watershed Action (Ohio)
WAWAWe Are Women Activists Network (Somalia)
WAWAWilmington Area Whippet Association
WAWAWeirdo Alert Weirdo Alert (used when self or another person/mutant says or does something weird.)
WAWAWide-Area Wireless Access
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Two years later, Rentech decided to drop the whole idea and instead picked up the former Atikokan Renewable Fuels mill and the shuttered Weyerhaeuser oriented strand board mill outside Wawa.
SLRBDGI will contribute the Wawa Water Permit, Application for Volume Increase, and the Wawa Water Project to the Wawa JVCo, in exchange for 18 percent of ownership of the Wawa JVCo.
Prime Metro will raise the funding for the project "once it is convinced of the legal, commercial and financial viability of the Wawa water project after it conducts due diligence within a period of one year.
But while some media outlets labelled the Wawa and Michipicoten flooding an instance of "freak weather," for Buckell the lessons about environmental sustainability seem obvious, and should be heeded as a warning of worse extremes to come.
While most people associate Wawa with quality products and the coffee and hoagies they can't live without, for many customers, Wawa's surcharge-free ATMs are a way of life," said Howard Stoeckel, Wawa CEO.
An executive at Wawa told me that she thought that "just about all--at least 98 percent) of the orders were placed via terminals, because employees liked having the customer's orders in writing.
The key for Wawa business and Human Resource leaders was to use its empowered culture and a highly participative process to define and adopt these new managerial skills.
Tasty Baking also unveiled a new marketing initiative with Philadelphia Phillies' second baseman Chase Utley in an exclusive promotion for Wawa, Inc.
The only other sound on this rancid stretch of the Wawa River, in the Philippines, is the constant hum as flies feed on the decomposing debris.
Other leases include: a 7,400 s/f lease for Children of America in Aberdeen; 5,900 s/f at Woodbridge Shopping Center on Route 1 in Woodbridge for Harmon Discount; a 5,000 s/f ground lease to Wawa to build a convenience store and gas station in Neptune; and a lease with Hand & Stone for a 2,750 s/f space on Warren Avenue in Warren.
So he does his best to ask for it - in Chinuk Wawa, the only language spoken in his immersion preschool.
Stone was transferred by air ambulance from Wawa to Sault Ste.