WAXDWide-Angle X-Ray Diffraction
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In situ SAXS and WAXD is employed and structure changes at lamellar and crystalline levels during uniaxial stretching of [alpha]-iPP can be investigated by these time-resolved synchrotron experiments.
The crystallinity of the epoxy amine polymers was examined by WAXD analysis with 2 ranging from 10-70.
As was found from the results of the WAXD, mechanical agitation is not an effective method for dispersion of clay agglomerates and delamination of clay layers.
This was also well supported by the TEM and WAXD study.
Five samples of each type of bulk coke were prepared for SEM and WAXD investigations.
Even though WAXD is a useful technique, it should be combined with TEM analysis to provide more detailed dispersion status of organoclay in nanocomposites.
2 shows the WAXD of NA and PLLA/NA samples fabricated by melt blending and hot-press forming process.
The WAXD investigation of SGCI specimens were done with a Philips PW 4280 diffractometer operated at U=40 keV, I=35mA, using Ni filtered [Cu.
Differences in the crystallite size and percent crystallinity measured by WAXD for resins of the same grade were not statistically significant, except that STD-A exhibited ~3% lower percent crystallinity as compared with STD-B (Table 2).
WAXD patterns of PEEK powder and SPEEK nanofibers were analyzed with MDI Jade 6 software to extract diffraction data.
beta]](130) is the intensity of [beta]-form peak (300) in one-dimensional WAXD pattern.