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WBBBWarbonnet Blackbird (hammock)
WBBBWorld Bank Bonds Boycott
WBBBWhite Blood Blue Bones (band)
WBBBWorld Black Belt Bureau (Cordova, TN)
WBBBWestern Balsam Bark Beetle (insect)
WBBBWest Bengal Biodiversity Board (est. 2004)
WBBBWaverley Bondi Beach Band
WBBBWisconsin Better Business Bureau (Milwaukee, WI)
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The letters WBBB and FOR were found on walls and the word PHESK was sprayed at the bottom of Bell Street, at the Fish Quay.
2 cume is 7th share CHR WDCG, #3 cume is a virtual Curtis tie between WQDR and Adult Hits WBBB,followed by co-owned CHR WPLW/WWPL.