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Each autumn, the Boards of Governors of the WBG and IMF hold Annual Meetings to discuss a range of issues related to poverty reduction, international economic development and finance.
The 2017 spring meetings of the IMF and WBG will gather Central Bank governors, ministers of finance and development, senior officials from private sector, and academics to discuss key international topics including global economic prospects, poverty eradication, economic development and aid effectiveness.
Finally, through the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the WBG invests directly in private-sector activities with a view to spurring productive capacity and increased exports of both goods and services.
The WBG will sail from Messina Italy to Gaza to denounce and break the illegal and inhumane siege on Gaza and is due to arrive in early October.
WBG Country Director for Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan, Carolyn Turk, pointed the report encourages Sudan to apply a set of direct and indirect approaches in order to "embark on the structural transformation necessary to accelerate inclusive economic growth leading to sustained poverty reduction".
Calling for exploring options to develop a long term global crisis response platform, the committee welcomed the Islamic Development Bank, UN and WBG efforts to develop the financing facility for the Middle East and North Africa, and donor commitments to this initiative.
The statement further pointed to the Second Programmatic Development Policy Loan that Jordan works on with the WBG to repair the water and energy sectors worth $250 million in soft loan for budget support.
Projects that advance innovative WBG semiconductor devices from design through qualification and accelerate the pathway for devices to reach volume manufacturing.
Doing Business is one of the four flagship reports of the WBG.
As per the MoU, WBG will be able to use rail for distribution from its crusher location at Tawyeen to the Etihad Rail distribution and export terminals in the UAE.
Faris Saif Al Mazrouei, acting CEO of Etihad Rail, said: "By working with Etihad Rail, WBG stands to gain faster and more consistent transit times, lower overall cost for transport and capacity to move a larger quantity of goods at once.
The WBG said in a statement Sunday that several consultations have taken place in Cairo with further events planned in Alexandria and Aswan.