WBHFWorld Boxing Hall of Fame (Riverside, CA; est. 1980)
WBHFWomen's Basketball Hall of Fame (Since 1999; Knoxville, TN, USA)
WBHFWorld's Biggest Hardy Fan (wrestler)
WBHFWide Band High Frequency
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WBHF offers the highest data throughput in comparison to legacy HF and complements satellite communications, moving information quickly with the highest fidelity as possible, even in satellite-limited or denied environments.
Military commanders, tanker operators, agencies and Department of Defense services can benefit from WBHF in several ways such as uninterrupted, large file transfer with speeds up to comparable to narrowband SATCOM systems, elimination of vulnerability and availability issues, and enhanced voice capabilities with cellular quality communications.
WBHF technology is the only modernized HF solution that will deliver net-centric, high-speed communications at costs that are in line with todays tighter military budgets.