WBICWolfson Brain Imaging Centre (Cambridge, UK)
WBICWeather-Based Irrigation Controller (sprinkler control device)
WBICWater Body Identification Code (Wisconsin)
WBICWhy Because I Can
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She expressed hope that WBIC will help women entrepreneurs to establish and run their own businesses.
The same model and facilities would be provided in proposed WBICs to help businesswomen develop business skill, which will enable them to compete effectively in today's market.
WBICs will provide hand-on-support to women entrepreneurs and they would be offered to rent office space for establishing their presence in the market and to display their products in display centres on nominal charges.
WBIC had been by far the most active foreign operator in China.
WBIC requires a set of new synthesis systems (Synthesisers) for efficient and reliable production of 11C-labelled, 18F-labelled and other non-standard radioisotope labelled radiopharmaceuticals for human PET studies under GMP conditions.
WBIC entered the market in early 2002, in partnership with the Shanghai Film Group.
WBIC is licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) for manufacturing of short-lived radiopharmaceuticals for clinical and preclinical PET imaging studies.
Earlier, Memoona Sattar, Project Manager, WBIC and Faisal Bashir, Regional Business Coordinator Smeda, conducted a session titled, "Current Businesses for Women.
While addressing a gathering of women entrepreneurs working Anwar Ahmad appreciated that WBIC was making valuable contribution-despite its limited capacity, stated a news release.
The major goal of WBIC was to help women to develop their business skill to compete effectively in todays marketplace, she added.