WBIIWide Bandwidth Information Infrastructure
WBIIWomen's Business Initiative International (The Hague, the Netherlands)
WBIIWood Badge Two (Scouts leader training)
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WBII has been proposed as an effective instructional method by many theorists and researchers and assumed as the main stream in the web-based learning environment (Jonassen, 2000; Tam, 2000; Willis, 1995).
Although there are no studies that have focused on the effectiveness of WBII compared to WBDI in higher education, the bulk of the evidence in the studies above led us to predict that students using the WBII would score significantly higher on the achievement measures than those who study the course in WBDI.
Studies on educational major students' attitudes towards WBC in WBII environment reported that students might have or not have a positive attitude towards WBC, but their attitudes did not significantly change or develop throughout the course period.
The bulk of evidence in the studies above led us to predict that participants using the WBDI would score significantly higher on the attitude measure than those studying the course in WBII environment.
The pre-service teachers were distributed identically to the two groups (WBDI group and WBII group) considering their grade point average (GPA), gender, age, and program (mathematics or science).
The items include the most important characteristics of the WBII and WBDI (Jonassen, 2000; Tam, 2000; Willis, 1995).
Lastly, treatment was coded as one for WBDI and two for WBII.
Since Swit's death, WBII has been managed by executive vice president Karen Harrington, who will continue to play a senior role in WBII's management.
The entire WBII staff is excited to have such a highly respected publishing professional to spearhead our transition from a traditional newsletter publisher to a full-service premium B2B information service provider," Harrington asserted.
Carter said that WBII "will continue [Swit's] legendary dedication to the highest standards of journalism, while expanding the array of WBII's services to our current clients and actively moving into new markets and product lines via both new product development and an aggressive acquisitions strategy.
Karen Harrington joined WBII in 1973 as a typist and worked at "just about every job at WBII," including the writing the Product Safety Letter.
Regulatory Watchdog Service (1975), a retrieval service for government documents, $865/year for WBII subscribers, $1730 for non-subscribers.