WBILWorld Basic Information Library
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The benefits for RC individuals working in the WBIL program are the opportunity to serve in a valued and valuable manner while earning their required Reserve drill points, contributing to their unit's mission, and having the ability to choose when and where to perform that valuable work.
The WBIL Program provides a means by which any military member working from literally anywhere in the world can support his or her unit mission by performing unclassified or OS research and analysis in support of the unit's missions.
A Reserve unit can use working under the auspices of the WBIL as a retention tool by giving meaningful and valuable work to unit members who otherwise feel left out of the unit's classified work.
The MIAD program integrates the WBIL program as a means of performing this remotely located service and doing so in a manner that can directly support their unit's mission while working in their Military Occupational Specialty in support of intelligence requirements and using intelligence tools and systems.
Linguists who are awaiting a security clearance can focus their research in the WBIL program on foreign language material, both written and audio-video, thus sharpening their linguistic skills.
These translated documents are archived in the IC's Harmony databases and if unclassified, are also archived in the WBIL in order to increase accessibility on unclassified systems using the Pathfinder tools.
Soldiers, with or without a security clearance, who want to support national intelligence requirements have a means to do so at a time and place of their choosing through the WBIL program.