WBSIWestern Behavioral Sciences Institute
WBSIWhite Bear Suppression Inventory (psychological questionnaire)
WBSIWarren Business Solutions, Inc. (North Olmsted, OH)
WBSIWolfe Bluel Socialization Inventory (cerebral palsy)
WBSIWorldwide Business Solutions, Inc. (various locations)
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WBSI was using EIES (Electronic Information Exchange System), a partitioned, threaded text-archiving system that allowed groups to engage in real back-and-forth conversations and then save and index the discussion for future reference.
WBSI scores did not significantly differ between conditions, p = .
post], and FC-SCEPT005, in the Total Group (N = 41), the Avoidance Condition (n = 22), and the Approach Condition (n = 19) Total Avoidance Approach group condition condition Measure M SD M SD M WBSI 44.
Condition was entered in a second step, scores on the WBSI in a third step, and the Condition x WBSI Scores interaction in a fourth step.
pre] WBSI Scores, and Condition Regression steps B SEB [beta] [DELTA][R.
post] and scores on the WBSI (second part of our second hypothesis), we conducted a moderated multiple regression analysis (Frazier et al.
post], as a Function of WBSI Scores and Condition Regression B SEB [beta] DELTA[R.
In order to see whether suppressive coping strategies as measured by the WBSI, FOST, and AAQ mediated the relation between race and psychological health, a nonparametric cross product of the coefficients test was employed that allow multiple mediator models (Preacher & Hayes, 2008).
When the WBSI, AAQ, and FOST were entered as single mediators the previously significant relation of race with psychological health, t (297) = -3.
Table 4 presents the bivariate Pearson correlations between symptom severity, as rated by the C/Y-BOCS and cognitive self-report totals for the DTQ, TAF, RAS mean score and WBSI, as well cognitive ratings of severity, probability and responsibility, as measured by the idiographic task.
In addition, there was a significant negative correlation between the SA-AAQ and a measure of thought suppression, the WBSI.
40 Measure Sample r p r p Thought suppression, control WBSI 8 .