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WCARWe Came as Romans (band)
WCARWhatcom County Association of Realtors (est. 1956; Bellingham, WA)
WCARWorld Conferences Against Racism (UNESCO)
WCARWharton Center for Applied Research
WCARWestern and Central Africa Region
WCARWorld Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Tolerance (United Nations)
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In addition, [beta] coefficient of the independent variables of ROA, ROCE and WCAR are negative.
Table 2: Evidence on Spill Over of Wealth Effects FCAR WCAR FCAR (O,1) (0,1) (0,10) FCAR (O,1) 1 WCAR (0,1) 0.
The United States withdrew from WCAR when, in its view, it became clear that governments, particularly members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) (1), would continue to target Israel while contemporary forms of racism remained unaddressed.
Non-Governmental Organizations at World Congress Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, WCAR NGO Forum Declaration (2001), accessed 14 July 14 2003, available from http://www-personal.
As such, Mann helps the reader appreciate the context of the WCAR, and especially why progressive and anti-imperialist forces world-wide chose it as a point of concentration for a major mobilization.
Report from WCAR (World Conference Against Racism) and introduction of campaign work by representatives of the four WILPF campaigns: Uniting for Racial Justice: Truth, Reparations, Restoration and Reconciliation (UFORJE); WILPF Women and Cuba Campaign; Challenge Corporate Power: Assert the People's Rights; Disarm
1) Prior to the actual discussion, the WCAR boasted five "themes," or issues, to serve as the basis for the Conference.
The broadened definition of racism embraced by the WCAR enabled the inclusion of anti-Semitism as a racial issue, and, ironically, worked to position the Bush Administration's racist response to terrorism.
This process must begin with the dissemination of first-hand knowledge from those of us who actually attended the WCAR.
On the terrace of the nearby convention-center hotel, meanwhile, their government's official delegates to the WCAR sat among the world's other ministers, presidents, and generals, lunching and chatting about cricket matches.
The outcomes of the WCAR are discussed with acknowledgment of the positive gains made for refugees and asylum seekers.
The WCAR, which will bring together governments and NGOs from around the world, will discuss how to eradicate various kinds of discrimination and then adopt an action plan.