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WCATWeb Capacity Analysis Tool
WCATWorkers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal (Government of Ontario, Canada)
WCATWoodburn Community Access Television (Woodburn, OR)
WCATWireless Cellular Action Team
WCATWater-Cooled Atom Trap
WCATWales Centre for Accessible Tourism (est. 2004; UK)
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Another key component of WCAT activities involved the acquiring of a wide range of assistive devices kept on-site.
It was a WCAT commitment to award a wide range of devices and services assisting a variety of needs.
State vocational rehabilitation, civic groups, local government, disability advocacy groups, and volunteer organizations are just some of the sources that WCAT was able to work with and receive contributions.
1) Empowerment - With an ongoing focus on consumer education and decision making, WCAT did have a positive impact upon facilitating empowerment.
WCAT handled each request from an individualized perspective.
4) Local services - As a community based program, WCAT was often able to access local services and vendors.
5) Community resource - WCAT came to be known within Weld county as the contact point regarding assistive technology.
For example, WCAT established its own information network related to assistive technology vendors, services, etc.
In hindsight, WCAT may have made more effective use of time by simply referring many information requests to already established sources.
Without this student involvement, WCAT accomplishments would have been more modest.
Of the 39 individuals who received devices from WCAT, 30 responded to post-service telephone satisfaction surveys (or written, mailed surveys, if necessary); 29 reported satisfaction with the device(s) and the acquisition process.
The WCAT ETF represents the fourth equity-based ETF based on the Thomson Reuters / Jefferies CRB brand of indices to trade on NYSE Arca.