WCSPWafer Chip Size Package
WCSPWhite-Crowned Sparrow (bird species Zonotrichia leucophrys)
WCSPWafer Chip Scale Package (electronics)
WCSPWind Creek State Park (Alabama)
WCSPWorld Certified Specialist Professional (World Certification Institute)
WCSPWireless Communications and Signal Processing (conference)
WCSPWest Cumbria Strategic Partnership (UK)
WCSPWolverhampton Community Safety Partnership (UK)
WCSPWorld Class Start Programme (martial arts; various locations)
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El WCSP difiere de la satisfaccion del paciente con el cuidado institucional enfocada en el ruido y la temperatura de la comida.
2008)], among WCSP, commercial sunflower, and other non-sunflower row-crop fields, (2) describe the within-field and surrounding landscape characteristics of WCSP that were related to bird use and (3) develop guidelines for future placement and management of WCSP in the NGP so that agricultural producers, conservation planners and habitat managers can collectively improve migratory bird habitat while retaining productive agricultural practices.
Derek wants fellow smokers to donate pounds 10 to the party and is interested in hearing from potential candidates keen to stand for the WCSP.
In addition to the WCSP package, the ISL99201 is available in an 8-lead TDFN package.
The Lockheed Martin UK WCSP is based on the refurbishing of the Warrior turret which is being rearmed with the 40 mm CTAI gun.
Training and Simulation Systems Programme (TSSP) may have a potential requirement to provide the synthetic training media, and associated support, to enable training of individual soldiers to become proficient WCSP vehicle operators.
Lockheed Martin is offering elements of the WCSP programme to Kuwait, the Gulf country having acquired 254 Desert Warriors in the early '90s.
This type is highlighted by the upcoming contract known as the WCSP (Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme), which includes the WFlip (Warrior Fight-ability and Lethality Improvement Programme).
Warrior: Also sitting between two stools due to the delayed Fres programme, the British Army is looking at improving its Warrior through the WCSP (Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme) which includes four sub-programmes, the WFlip (Warrior Fightability Lethality Improvement Programme), the WEEA (Warrior Enhanced Electronic Architecture), the WMPS (Warrior Modular Protection System) and the ABSV (Armoured Battlegroup Support Vehicle).