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WDCWashington DC, USA
WDCWestern Digital Corporation
WDCWisconsin Democracy Campaign
WDCWorld Diamond Council
WDCWorld Data Center
WDCWalt Disney Company
WDCWorkforce Development Center
WDCWarwick District Council (UK)
WDCWycombe District Council (UK)
WDCWestern Development Commission (Ireland)
WDCWorld Drivers Championship
WDCWebsite Design Company
WDCWomen's Development Collective
WDCWard Development Committee
WDCWaveney District Council (UK)
WDCWestern District Conference
WDCWashington Design Center
WDCWokingham District Council
WDCWaitaki District Council (New Zealand)
WDCWomen's Development Centre (Sri Lanka)
WDCWhen Darkness Comes (game)
WDCWorld Dance Council Ltd. (formerly World Dance & Dance Sport Council Ltd.)
WDCWestern Disaster Center
WDCWestern Design Center, Inc.
WDCWisconsin Deferred Compensation
WDCWilliam Dean Consultancy (UK)
WDCWorld Drift Championships
WDCWorkforce Development Campus
WDCWarwick Diabetes Care (UK)
WDCWinter Dance Conference
WDCWorldwide DATACHECK (Radiometer America, Inc.)
WDCWomen Doing Comics
WDCWeerter Darts Competitie (Netherlands)
WDCWiener Derby Cup
WDCWatershed Development Council
WDCWolfenstein Death Company (gaming clan)
WDCWorld Disarmament Conference
WDCWilliam Demuth Company (New York)
WDCWard Davis Communications
WDCWholesale Distribution Center
WDCWasher/Dryer Connection (housing)
WDCWeather Derivative Contracts
WDCWilderness Dance Camp
WDCWeb Design Club
WDCWings Digitizing Center
WDCWinnegamie Dog Club (Appleton, Wisconsin)
WDCWaterborne Disease Center (University of Connecticut Health Center)
WDCWork Definition Conference
WDCWeleda Diaper Care
WDCWomen and Development Centre
WDCWheathampstead Development Centre (UK)
WDCWhangerei District Council (New Zealand)
WDCWiener Dog Creations
WDCWelland Development Commission (Canada)
WDCWaste Disposal Cask
WDCWideband Data Communication(s)
WDCWideband Direct Connectivity
WDCWurtsmith Development Commission (Oscoda, Michigan)
WDCWestlake Data Corporation
WDCWeapons Data Converter
WDCWeapons Depreciation Costs
WDCWaveguide Directional Coupler
WDCWeapons Delivery Computer
WDCWashtenaw Development Center (Michigan)
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There are more than 80 events in all in the WDC Helsinki 2012 programme for January-March.
Successes for WDC include helping to facilitate the delivery of the pounds 37 million Victoria Hall student village and winning planning consents for a range of commercial developments, including Treetops and Citygate.
WDC hit the four million-work-hour mark with no accidents resulting in time away from work on Sept.
The WDC is more than just a center, explains manager Debra Jossart.
The initial term of the agreement is for five years, with annual renewals possible if agreed upon by both xG and WDC.
One of the WDC Helsinki 2012 goals is to demonstrate the benefits of design in solving challenges of urban life.
WDC development director Will Evans said: "Our aim is to improve the pace, scale and quality of growth opportunities inWolverhampton to create a better quality of life for people in the city.
Rapaport's latest article, "Stop Buying and Selling Blood Diamonds," labels the KP and WDC a sham and cautions the trade not to trust the KP or the WDC when it comes to blood diamonds.
As WDC, we seek to create a hub of global creative industries that have an impact on their societies.
Take swift action when faced with cases of non-compliance and agree on interim suspension mechanism with clear criteria - Require of its participants stronger government oversight of the diamond industry, including spot checks of companies - Require the cutting and polishing sector to adhere to Kimberley Process standards and the WDC System of Warranties - Require participants to improve internal controls and increase collaboration and enforcement efforts to combat rough diamond smuggling
Stephen Catchpole, chief executive of WDC, said: "We're absolutely clear that our most important task is to help attract and grow businesses to create the growth required to provide 30,000 new jobs by 2031.
At the end of the ladder, the 256 players who have the highest ladder rating will be placed in the WDC Semi-Final Tournament.