WDCSWhale and Dolphin Conservation Society
WDCSWindows Data Center Server
WDCSWideband Digital Crossconnect System
WDCSWavelet Domain Communication System
WDCSWireless Distributed Communication System
WDCSWorld Data Center System (Boulder, CO; US NOAA)
WDCSWalt Disney Collectors Society
WDCSWideband Digital Cross-Connect System
WDCSWaste Discharge Charge System (Department of Water Affairs and Forestry; South Africa)
WDCSWireless Distributed Communication System (network technology)
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Thanks largely to the efforts of Sarita Kendall and the Natutama education group (whom WDCS help to fund) a river dolphin version of WDCS's Dolphin Diploma has now been inserted in the Amazon curriculum for 5th grade school children (around 11 years of age), and is also being used in Bogota.
The WDCS is currently campaigning for adequate monitoring and enforcement provisions in each whale-watching region, and has drawn up a list of criteria that it believes should be adhered to, including minimum approach distances; stipulations on speed, angle of approach and how long the vessel may spend in the vicinity of whales; and specific advice relating to whether vessels may approach females with calves; as well as offering licences to a limited number of vessels in line with the optimum 'carrying capacity' of the region.
For more information about how you can be involved in Save The Whale Week contact WDCS on (01249) 449 512 or log on to www.
The WDCS claims Japan's stockpile of whale meat has doubled in the past decade as more animals have been killed.
Dolphins, Seals and other Wildlife of Cardigan Bay runs regularly from April to August - check the WDCS website for full details - and is devoted to dolphin, Harbour porpoises, seal, and seabird-watching.
The WDCS and Greenpeace suggest that UK and French fishing boats could be killing more than 2,000 dolphins a year.
La WDCS senala que los sonidos mas perturbadores son los producidos por las companias petroleras y de gas, que se ocupan de extraer combustibles fosiles de la superficie marina.
Together, ACF and WDCS are focusing on Australia's Oceans Policy and the need for legislative reform and will be working towards the development of a Marine Mammal Protection Act in Australia.
The WDCS praised Peru for signing the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, meaning it is no longer a market for whale meat from ''renegade whaling nations -- Norway and Japan.
Spot the biggest bottlenose dolphins in the world at the WDCS Wildlife Centre in Spey Bay.