WDFAWalt Disney Feature Animation (Walt Disney Company animation studio)
WDFAWell-Differentiated Fetal Adenocarcinoma (cancer)
WDFAWorld Duty Free Americas
WDFAWorf Dax Fanfic Archive (Star Trek fan website)
WDFAWe Don't Fool Around (polite form)
WDFAWholesale Direct First Aid (Hayden, ID)
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WDFA occur at any age, with the mean age at diagnosis being 35 to 40 years and gender ratio favoring women or equal in distribution.
From new offices to new talent, a new development process, and an openness to the formerly shunned technique of hand-drawn toons, WDFA is in the midst of its biggest changes since the late '80s, when Jeffrey Katzenberg reenergized the then-ailing unit that was turning out only one film every four years.
SGI has been part of the Walt Disney magic for nearly two decades and will certainly continue to be an integral part of our production activity in the future," said John Carey, vice president of technology, WDFA.
Both the President's budget proposal and WDFA provide real support to the long-term impacts of increasing wildfires.
The FY15 Senate Appropriations Bill, released prior to the August recess, includes WDFA language, along with reporting requirements.
Meet the Robinsons," in the works at WDFA, was delayed from December to next March to give Lasseter and his team more input.