WDFWWashington Department of Fish and Wildlife
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Aerial winter surveys (December-February) of moose using a helicopter have been conducted annually by WDFW staff in the Spokane district since 2002.
Two state agencies, the Department of Labor and Industries (DLI) and the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) within the Department of Social and Health Services, were responsible for administering the WDFW Program.
For the most part, the court found, WDFW news personnel went about their daily work in ways "dictated by management" and producing stories "neither analytic nor interpretative nor original.
Action: Changes method for obtaining clearance number from a Canadian phone line to WDFW website generated.
This year," he continued, "the WDFW didn't plant the reserve; in fact, they're flooding it for salmon habitat.
John Weinheimer of the WDFW told Thomas the experience of fishing at Spirit Lake needs to be available to the public, while still protecting the area's other values.
On a statewide basis the WDFW has the following goals for managing moose:
The MRFFG group began when KWA and ICSC joined with WDFW to address illegal harvesting issues, including shellfish collection from closed and contaminated beaches.
The Atlantic salmon are not native to the area so the WDFW is hoping that (http://wdfw.