WEAMWorld Erotic Art Museum (Miami Beach, Florida)
WEAMWeapons Effectiveness Analysis Model
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The TTM occurring during this event was estimated at 8 kg/m with WEAM utilising 15-min AWS windspeed observations from Strathalbyn, soil moisture of 3% (0-0.
Using WEAM, an estimate of TTM on this occasion was about 260kg/m, which correlates with the level causing severe crop damage in this experiment.
WEAM wasn't sure he could convince enough bands to play, but Jim Morrison proclaimed "If you book them, they will come.
WEAM booked the bands and most dropped out, leaving the remaining slots to be taken up by teams that had very little (aka nothing
There was also a problem of Weams being seen as part of the old regime.
Leaders Tayport have serious injury problems for their visit to Dundee Violet - Ronnie Kenneth, Scott Peters, Billy Spence, Brian Grant, Derek Weams and Alan Ramsay all miss out.