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WEARWorkshop on Encapsulation and Access Rights
WEARWestern Arctic National Parklands (US NPS)
WEARWorld Engineering Anthropometry Resource (international consortium)
WEARWest Edgewater Area Residents (Chicago, IL)
WEARWe Are All Recruiters (US Air Force program)
WEARWartime Executive Agency Requirements
WEARWartime Executive Agent Responsibilities
WEARWBS Element Audit Review
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And," she added, after hesitating a little, with a rising sob of mortification, "necklaces are quite usual now; and Madame Poincon, who was stricter in some things even than you are, used to wear ornaments.
Trix told Belle she was going to ask you for the dress, as you would n't care to wear it now.
Medium goods indulge in light trousers on week-days, and some of them even go so far as to wear fancy waistcoats.
I thought we put them away when she wouldn't wear them," murmured Mrs.
If it isn't the proper thing I won't wear it," she said, with a sigh of regret for a lost dream.
When I wear this necklace I shall always think of you," said she, "and feel how very kind you were.
But of course she could only wear one of them at a time, because she had but one neck.
Because you wear silver shoes and have killed the Wicked Witch.
If we can manage to get to Ozma," she said, "the Princess will change you back to yourself in half a second; so you just wear that fox head as comf't'bly as you can, dear, and don't worry about it at all.
at least I thought so; but I knew my mother always wore one when she went out, and all horses did when they were grown up; and so, what with the nice oats, and what with my master's pats, kind words, and gentle ways, I got to wear my bit and bridle.
Its members will be distinguished by a red ribbon worn across the shoulder, and the mayor of the city will wear a white belt as well.
Say, I've just been down to the store and bought me these gloves, for I was bound I wouldn't wear mittens this winter; they're simply too countrified.