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WEFWater Environment Federation
WEFWorld Economic Forum
WEFWinter Equestrian Festival (Wellington, FL)
WEFWith Effect From (aviation)
WEFWorld Evangelical Fellowship
WEFWorld Education Fellowship (Australia)
WEFWorld Environment Fund
WEFWeight Enumerating Function
WEFWith Effective From
WEFWrestling Entertainment Federation
WEFWorld Economic Fund
WEFWorld Education Fund (est. 2006)
WEFWeb EFuture (Web Solutions; India)
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The WEF board of trustees is the governing body of WEF and holds legal and fiduciary responsibility on behalf of WEF and its membership.
Through our extensive experience helping clients deal with some of the world's most pressing macro issues, I am confident that Arcadis will bring a unique perspective to the WEF agenda.
Ensour briefed the meeting on his government's plan and measures taken to revamp the national economy and build on investment agreements and economic opportunities provided by the WEF, whose convening, he said, was a success for Jordan.
He hailed the hosting of the WEF as a "clear evidence" of Jordan's political and economic stability, which is a basic requirement for attracting investments in general.
Davutoy-lu will attend the WEF meeting as the head of the G20 group of countries and will address the participants as the sole speaker at a session on Jan.
WEF is proud to be a recurring primary financial supporter of the Phoenix Metropolitan Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Mentoring Program.
Also the role of Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) and its USD 48 billion investments and contributions within the Arab world would be focused upon during the participation, said Al-Shimali who stressed it was important to showcase Kuwait's efforts during the WEF event which is expected to gather 900 international figures from 23 countries.
The QBA and SESRI will send the results of the survey to Geneva by May 1, and the WEF would release the findings later in September.
Looking back over 13 years, we reminisce with the duo and find out what makes the WEF so special.
On the sidelines of the WEF moot, Imran Khan would also meet the leaders of various states and governments and the country's expatriates while he would also address the international business community leaders at a reception 'Pakistan Lunch' here today (Friday).
In its Global Risks 2013 report, based on a survey of more than 1,000 experts from industry, government, academia and civil society, WEF pointed out that crises and austerity measures were severely testing the global economic system.
Global Banking News-November 1, 2012--India's ranking in WEF financial development index drops(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.