WEFOWelsh European Funding Office
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If WEFO was a business and such targets were being reported to the board of directors, there would be alarm bells ringing throughout the organisation and heads would roll.
WEFO approved the grant of pounds 1,620,027 to Coleg Gwent, the lead project sponsor, on March 16.
The concern about WEFO funding what appears, possibly, to be a criminal offence would then vanish.
Contrary to what is being suggested, I have not at any point been contacted by WEFO relating to this issue.
The Technical and Financial Appraisal Team (TFAT) within WEFO are responsible for undertaking financial appraisal work and co-ordinating the provision of specialist expert advice in a range of different areas which include:
Mr Burkham said: "We want this to happen but do not want to be lumbered with a court action to stop this and for WEFO to claw these funds backs.
2015 Requirements may be subject to change following any new directives from WEFO that may need to be complied with.
It was under investigation by the WEFO and the Wales Audit Office and a long-awaited report by the latter is due to be published in the autumn.
I am delighted with the positive discussions we have had with WEFO which I believe reflects the quality and strength of our development," said Mr Lewis.
TONY THOMAS: We got involved with WEFO (Welsh European Funding Office) on two projects where we had to go through the whole barrier of state aid and produce a business plan not in accordance to what any funder would want or what we wanted but in accordance with what WEFO wanted.
Ken Cook, head of special support and regeneration at WEFO, assured the forum that good progress was being made, adding: "We have committed about 12.
The university continues in dialogue with Welsh Government, WEFO and European Investment Bank officials and remains fully committed to progressing its plans for a science and innovation campus.