WEGSWestern European Geological Surveys (est. 1971)
WEGSWickedly Errant Game System (gaming)
WEGSWelsh Ewe Genotyping Scheme
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If the ewes presented for AI have been carefully selected by flock owners, the subsidised WEGS II AI Service will have increased the supply of the most scrapie resistant Type 1 ram lambs suitable for breeding.
Open meetings will discuss Welsh Ewe Genotyping service:Full details of the WEGS II AI Service will be explained at three open meetings throughout Wales in July.
Welcoming the GB-wide scheme, Mr German said it would be of interest to breeders eager to have their ewes genotyped immediately, while the Assembly's scheme, WEGS II, will be a longer term project specifically designed to reflect Welsh circumstances and to meet Welsh breeders' needs.