WEHOWest Hollywood (incorporated city in Los Angeles County, CA, USA)
WEHOWorld Electro Homoeopathic Organisation (UK)
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Ferrick - who appears tonight at Fais Do-Do in Los Angeles and Saturday at the WEHO Lounge in West Hollywood - was soon asked to join Morrissey on his entire British tour.
The pigs received the control diet or one of the three experimental diets in which 25% of the control diet was either substituted by ligno-cellulose (Jeluxyl WEHO 500S, Jelu, Rosenberg, Germany), cornstarch (Sabamuehle GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany) or apple-pectin (Apple pectin Classic AU 202, Herbstreith & Fox KG, Neuenbuerg, Germany), in the following referred to as cellulose, starch and pectin treatment, respectively.
WEHO director Vinod Kumar said: "I came to this country from India with a dream to set up this organisation.