WEIFWonthaggi Energy Innovation Festival (Australia)
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The recently completed 9th WEIF in London focused on 'Changing World, New Relationships.
Dubai will do the 'Expo' for WEIF, and the event will (hopefully) raise issues/address in the 'misery index,' and not just focus on '.
Dubai can re-direct the conversation and approach of WEIF to make the instruments, stakeholders and partners bring benefit to human-kind.
Dubai can also bring WEIF a missing link of WEF: Bollywood and Hollywood, as actors' words have greater media reach and youth connectivity than politicians.
There are five major areas for coverage at WEF, and WEIF Dubai needs to capture and customise the 'headline taglines' in a flat inter-connected world and separated only by degrees.
He said the first WEIF in 2015, also hosted by Bahrain, led to the Manama Declaration 2015 on Entrepreneurship for Development.
There was a strong presence at the last WEIF in Indonesia, led by the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and we are expecting a bigger turnout this year.