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WEOWorld Economic Outlook (International Monetary Fund)
WEOWorld Energy Outlook (International Energy Agency publication)
WEOWith Exception Of
WEOWeapons Engineering Officer
WEOWhere Economy Originates (campaign)
WEOWashington Engineering Office
WEOWeapons Engagement Office
WEOWorld Environmental Organization
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In a special section to "revisiting" the "Golden Rules" for unconventional gas exploitation, the WEO -2015 states "that it is clear that there is now much greater transparency in a number of jurisdictions.
IEA: According to WEO projections, there will be little non-North American shale development before 2020 due to the much earlier stage of exploration and the time needed to build up the oil field service value chain.
According to the WEO, in 2014 and 2015 Cyprus will sink into deflation as the Consumer Price Index will record negative rates of 1.
In 2012, nearly every region covered by the WEO experienced a slowdown in growth.
Risks to recovery "More worrisome than these revisions to the baseline forecast is the increase in downside risks," said Olivier Blanchard, the IMF chief economist and director of the IMF's Research Department, which prepares the WEO.
The WEO report indicates that GDP growth in Egypt is expected to drop to 1.
According to the spring WEO of the IMF, Bulgaria's northern neighbor Romania will see a growth of 1.
After welcoming the attendees, Director of WEO, spoke about the historical background of the day and women's challenges and achievements.
4% point relative to the October 2010 WEO," the report said.
1 per cent for 2012 in its latest 'World Economic Outlook' or WEO update that predicted a global growth of 4.
Gross domestic product ( GDP) growth forecasts for Asia have been revised upward for 2010, from about seven per cent in the April WEO to about 7.
Within the broader reform options, the WEO concept is one of them," he said.