WEOGWestern European and Others Group (United Nations)
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By contrast, EEG, GRULAC, and most notably WEOG emphasize categories 3 and 5.
Further analysis of the category 5 recommendations reveals that slightly more than one-half of them come from WEOG states.
United States and almost all WEOG states rate highly on various
The WEOG, led primarily by the EU, was also interested in an institution
In any event, the election for members of the first Human Rights Council was held on 9 May 2006, with Canada winning one of the seven WEOG seats, (37) and the United States declining to run.
85) For many of these resolutions, Canada's usual allies abstained, rather than registering a vote in favour or against, but for two of the twelve occasions, Canada's "no" vote was cast in splendid isolation, with even the WEOG states voting in favour of what were presumably viewed by instructing capitals as balanced texts.
74) This is just one example of a United Nations organ that Israel is denied access to participate in as a restricted member of the WEOG.
76) Although he wrote this position paper before Israel was temporarily admitted to the WEOG, Jennings would likely agree that Israel's current limitations--its non-permanent admission to WEOG and inability to participate outside of America--still prevent it from being treated as equal to other Members of the United Nations.
EU members of the WEOG are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
In the commission, African and Asian states had about the same number of votes as the Latin American and WEOG groups combined, but the lineup is very different in the council.
The conditions that bar Israel from competing for seats in UN bodies for 2 years were drawn up by the EU and then endorsed by all WEOG members.
The decision in Geneva comes 13 years after WEOG admitted Israel as a member at UN headquarters in New York.