WEOGWestern European and Others Group (United Nations)
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Ashrawicalled on the WEOG to withdraw its nomination of Israel for the chairmanship of the UN General Assembly Sixth Committee, and hold it accountable for its persistent violations of international law and human rights.
United States and almost all WEOG states rate highly on various
In any event, the election for members of the first Human Rights Council was held on 9 May 2006, with Canada winning one of the seven WEOG seats, (37) and the United States declining to run.
74) This is just one example of a United Nations organ that Israel is denied access to participate in as a restricted member of the WEOG.
EU members of the WEOG are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.
Both memoranda were supported by the large majority of the members of the WEOG.
In the commission, African and Asian states had about the same number of votes as the Latin American and WEOG groups combined, but the lineup is very different in the council.
Blue Model (46) (april 2005) Current Expansion (Non-Permanent) Permanent Non- Longer- 2 years Permanent Term Asia (54) 1 2 2 1 Africa(53) 0 3 2 1 GRULAC (33) 0 2 2 0 WEOG (29) 3 2 1 (or 2) 0 Eastern Europe (22) 1 1 1 * Total (191) 5 10 10 Total Elected Seats as % of Regional Groups ** Asia (54) 6 9,4 Africa(53) 6 11,3 GRULAC (33) 4 12,1 WEOG (29) 6 11,5 Eastern Europe (22) 3 9,5 Total (191) 25 10,8 (Overall)
Van Walsum's letter, the result of months of negotiations, said: "On behalf of WEOG members I have the pleasure of informing you that, in the light of Israel's current inability to join the Asian group and taking into account the understandings set out below, WEOG welcomes Israel as a full member of WEOG on a temporary basis".
Depending heavily on the approach suggested by the Tibetan lobby, which made the draft resolution "politically problematic," the European Community, led by Germany, sponsored a resolution which had not been coordinated with other WEOG (Western European and Others Group) states.
The WEOG met on Thursday and agreed to a split the term asking the Netherland to withdraw from the candidacy, and Italy obtain the votes.
By nominating Israel, Ashrawi added, the WEOG bloc was "making a mockery of the international legal system and rewarding Israel for its flagrant violations of international law and acts of collective punishment and violence.