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WEPWired Equivalent Privacy (802.11 encryption protocol)
WEPWindfall Elimination Provision (Social Security benefits)
WEPWireless Encryption Protocol (network security)
WEPWorker Education Program (various locations)
WEPWomen's Equality Party (various locations)
WEPWomen's Empowerment Principles (award)
WEPWindows Embedded Partner
WEPWireless Encryption Protocol
WEPWarranty Extended Package
WEPWindows Entertainment Pack
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
WEPWork Experience Program (workfare)
WEPWind Energy Project (various organizations)
WEPWired Equivalent Protocol (wireless PC security)
WEPWater Environment Protection (New York)
WEPWith Extreme Prejudice
WEPWar Emergency Power (putting the engine in overdrive for short periods during air combat)
WEPWater Efficiency Program (various organizations)
WEPWest European Politics
WEPWireless Encryption Privacy
WEPWisconsin Electric Power
WEPWater-Extended Polyester
WEPWage Earner Plan (bankruptcy)
WEPWell-known Entry Point
WEPWork Exchange Program (various organizations)
WEPWord Error Probability
WEPWater Entry Pressure
WEPWomen Environmental Program (Burundi)
WEPWater-Extended Polymer
WEPWater Entry Point
WEPWork Execution Plan (various organizations)
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WEP fue uno de los mejores esquemas de cifrado durante la ultima decada.
Stepwise regression analysis between the E values and the WEP concentration was used to determine the contribution of the different exchangeable P pools to WEP.
Catapult Director Graham Mold commented: "As the only new investor, we worked closely with Mercia, who are a long standing investor in WEP.
11g/b; velocidad hasta 300Mbps y radio de cobertura de 70 metros; firewall, control de acceso, filtrado de URL y proteccion DoS, zona desmilitarizada; seguridad WEP, WPAyAES/TKIP; soporta QoS y WDSAP; tres antenas externas, velocidad en 802.
According to the company, the decision to join the WEP Program follows requests from customers to implement solutions on the Windows mobile device platform, and stresses the company's commitment to offering user interface (UI) solutions across all commercially available platforms.
An information assurance manager might wonder how serious a security risk is posed by using WEP or WPA-PSK on a Navy network.
Select a random set of characters of your choosing used to create a random WEP key.
The other plaintiffs, all women, allege similar incidents in WEP jobs and the same pattern of sexual harassment followed by complaints, transfers, continued harassment, and forced resignations.
Until a more secure standard of security than WEP is on the market, Dr.
WEP is generally first configured at the access point by assigning a key or allowing the access point to randomly generate a WEP key.
Pre- and posttests were administered to 42 college students who participated in a short-term WEP (about 5 days) and 64 participants in a long-term WEP (10-plus days).